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Gren Is The Best Freckle Boy

adhd things


-plugging in headphones and opening spotify to play some music but a text comes through while it’s loading so you answer it and next thing you know you’ve been sitting in silence for an hour

-reading a book and realizing you have no idea what happened for the last chapter and a half so you try to reread it but you end up focusing so much on focusing that you still have no idea what’s going on

-spending 3+ hours researching adhd and other possible mental health issues when you should be sleeping or studying

-“my friend will be here in 10 min, that’s enough to clean and...” and then they’re suddenly at your door

-little to no actual conception of time passage

-starting projects with the full intention of completion until you reach the boring part

-pacing when you’re anxious, nervous, excited, bored, sad, happy, etc.


gosh these are all a mood